Sustainability Commitments

The Group espouses a sustainability framework which it has referred to as “Nurturing Sustainability”, as its organisational mantra. This framework intertwines key sustainability aspects to enable the Group to realise its vision and mission in managing a balanced mix between sustainable growth and the interests of diverse stakeholders. The focus on productivity and innovations, care for the environment, it's people and the surrounding communities incorporates continuous improvement in the operations while addressing the social environmental aspects relating to the Group’s business. In the longer term, the Group believes that its ventures would contribute constructively to the socio-economic development and help to generate multiplier effects that lead towards an inclusive wealth sharing and socio-economic environment.

Productivity & Innovation

The Group is committed to operating professionally, with integrity and responsibility in our business...

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Care for Environment

The imperative of sustainability relating to the environment involves the Group’s stewardship...

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Investor in People

The Group is focused on developing its people at their workplace as depicted in its sustainability...

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Returning to Community

"Returning to Community" is another important aspect in the Group’s sustainability blueprint that...

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Under the framework “Nurturing Sustainability”, the Group strives to produce palm products in a responsible and sustainable manner by:-

  • Complying with relevant local, national and international laws and regulations.
  • Committing to the principles under the national sustainability standards which include the MSPO and ISPO. The Group will also continue to advance into other international sustainability standards which are applicable to its business activities.
  • Adopting good agricultural and milling practices in the operations.
  • Working continuously towards better and innovative agricultural and milling practices.
  • Respecting human rights of its relevant stakeholders in the supply chain including the local communities.
  • Striving to protect natural resources and high conservation value areas.
  • Adopting no burning policy in the new planting and re-planting activities.
  • Promoting positive environmental impacts and establishing site-specific conservation and rehabilitation initiatives.
  • Creating shared values through constructive partnerships and effective engagements with relevant stakeholders.
This policy is applicable to all operations in the IJM Plantations Group and its relevant business associates.

IJM Plantations Berhad and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "the Group") recognise the importance of operating in a responsible and sustainable manner to ensure a NDPE supply chain.

The Group strives to achieve its NDPE commitment which takes effect from the date of signing, 22 February 2019, and its suppliers shall also be compliant with all the provisions of this commitment by December 31, 2019.

No Deforestation

  • No new land clearing in High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests.
  • No new land clearing in High Conservation Value (HCV) areas.
  • No land clearing within national gazetted protected areas.
  • Zero burning in all new planting and replanting developments.

No Development on Peat

  • No new land developments on peat regardless of depth.
  • Adopting appropriate Best Management Practices for existing plantations on peat.
  • Where feasible, exploring appropriate management plan including rehabilitation for areas identified as unsuitable for replanting.

No Exploitation of People and Local Communities

  • Respecting and recognising rights of employees including contract, temporary and migrant employees with reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Facilitating the inclusion of smallholders into the supply chain.
  • Respecting land use rights of the local communities and adopt the principle of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).
  • Addressing complaints and grievances in an open, transparent and consultative manner.

The above commitments are detailed in the Group’s policy statements on sustainability, environment and biodiversity, human rights and occupational safety and health.