Investor in People

The Group focuses on developing its people at their workplace as depicted in its sustainability mission relating to “Investor in People”. This involves the human-side of the plantation business, respecting human rights and gearing towards a high performing culture in the workplace. The Group is also strives to ingrain a mindset of occupational safety and health importance together with a positive work-life balance within our employees.

The Group emphasises on the welfare of its people, ensuring that they are equipped with competent skills and knowledge through continuous learning, provision of better facilities as well as promotion of sports excellence and appreciation of local cultural heritage.

The Group’s commitment in securing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and contractors engaged at work is reflected in the Group’s Occupational Safety & Health Policy (Revision 2019), and is summarised as follows: -

In striving to secure a safe and healthy work environment, the Group shall strive towards

  • Complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Pursuing hazard identification, improving work procedures and taking preventive measures on potentially hazardous processes
  • Developing and increasing self-awareness, individual responsibility and accountability at all levels
  • Providing relevant and on-going training for employees and on-site contractors to conduct operations in a safe and healthy manner
  • Pursuing continuous improvement that can further enhance the occupational safety and health

The Group is committed to protect the rights of its people and to treat them with dignity in line with all relevant legal requirements and regulations, with key reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Group endeavours to adhere to the standards and practices that were aligned with international principles, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core labour standards subject to the restrictions of the governing laws and regulations of the countries where the Group operates.

The Group’s commitment is reflected in its Human Rights Policy (revision 2019), which uphold to the following principles: -

  1. Promoting diversity and inclusive culture in the workplace, premised on mutual trust and respect, and by avoiding policies and practices that discriminate against gender, marital status, race, nationality, ethnicity and age.
  2. Not tolerating any form of abuse, harassment, violence, intimidation and any other unsecured working conditions.
  3. Ensuring that the operations do not employ children. The minimum of employment age is guided by the local regulations.
  4. Not tolerating any form of forced labour, slavery, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  5. Practicing two-way communication with representatives of employees and when the need arises addressing complaints and grievances in an open, transparent and consultative manner.
  6. Striving to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Dedicating to maintain a productive work place by minimizing the risk of accidents, injuries and exposures to health risks.
  7. Allowing employees the right to form and join appropriate organisations and in bargaining collectively as per applicable laws.
  8. Respecting and recognizing the rights of relevant surrounding communities where the Group operates, adopting free, prior and informed consent to operate on lands that they hold legal, communal or customary rights. Free, prior and informed consent negotiations prior to commencing any new operations.
A grievance procedure in handling any complaints and disputes happening internally or externally is implemented and briefed to all relevant personnel. Apart from that, whistle blowing channel is also available at the corporate portal.

Download Human Right Policy | Download Whistle Blowing Policy | Download Grievance Procedure

The Group prohibits the employment of child labour in the operations. The minimum age of employment as defined by law was strictly adhered to and was made known to the recruitment team, operations and the associates throughout the Group’s business supply chain.

Basic education and day care centres were provided at the operating units to ensure that workers’ children had access to basic education and young children were taken care of during working hours. The Group also provides transportation for children in the operations to the local schools and learning centres.

The Group encourages its employees to participate in sports with the provision of sporting facilities such as football fields and sporting equipment in the operating units. Friendly matches and competitions with neighbouring estates are organised to enhance teamwork and esprit de corps among the employees and fraternity fellowship with the surrounding neighbours. In addition, the Group also promote social and cultural integration and inter-racial harmony through the celebration of festive occasions, such as the Labour Day, Ramadan and other festive gatherings.

Our people are from different ethnic groups and are unique with their respective traditions and customs. The Group encourages the people to uphold their culture and traditions, festivals such as the Harvest Festival (or locally known as Pesta Ka’amatan), Dayak and Erau cultural events were celebrated in the operating units. Through the cultural activities, employees of different ethnicities were able to celebrate, share and appreciate each other’s customs and traditions.