Grievances and Compliance Matters

No. Matter Stakeholder(s) Date Course of Engagement
1 Alleged deforestation of approximately 150 hectares by Greenpeace at Antutan estate, PT Primabahagia Permai, a subsidiary of IJMP. I. PGEO Marketing Sdn Bhd Dec 2017 IJMP received emails from our palm oil customers – PGEO Marketing Sdn Bhd i.e. Wilmar Group and IOI Corporation Bhd on an alleged deforestation case study by Greenpeace (Greenpeace report “Deforestation Case Studies - Dec 2017”).
II. IOI Corporation Bhd Feb 2018 Physical meetings with our palm oil customers. A joint HCV-HCS assessment was proposed to be conducted on the alleged land at Antutan estate, PT Primabahagia Permai.
III. Greenpeace   IJMP’s letter to our palm oil customers dated 13 Feb 2018 to assert that IJMP is committed to no deforestation. Pending the outcome of the assessment, PT Primabahagia Permai has ceased all land clearing works in Antutan.
Apr-Aug 2018 Follow up meetings and discussions on the terms of reference and finalising the process for the joint HCV and HCS assessment.
Sep 2018 Correspondences from Greenpeace and our reply.
  Email dated 8 Sept 2018 with an attached letter dated 7 Sept 2018 from Greenpeace reference “Opportunity to comment ahead of Greenpeace International Publication”.
  IJMP replied email with attached letter to Greenpeace dated 10 Sept 2018.
18-22 Sept 2018 FPIC was conducted by Consultant PT. Sonokeling Akreditas Nusantara on the existing HCV areas in PT Primabahagia Permai.
24-27 Oct 2018 HCV - HCS field assessment with Wilmar team was carried out at PT Primabahagia Permai.
Apr 2019 Joint HCV-HCS assessment report for PT Primabahagia Permai has been completed. Public consultation is scheduled on 2 May 2019.
2 May 2019 Public consultation for the Integrated HCV-HCS assessment report at Tanjung Selor.
9 Jul 2019 Submission of Integrated HCV-HCS assessment to ALS for evaluation processes.
10 Aug 2020 3rd revision submitted to ALS on 10th August 2020. Awaiting for the outcome.
8 Dec 2020 Final evaluation result was satisfactory and the case was closed. The team continues to manage and monitor the HCV/HCS areas in the estate as indicated in the assessment report.
2 Potential deforestation activities by a FFB supplier- Aspirasi Kristal Sdn. Bhd. in Sugut region, Sabah. I. IOI Corporation Bhd (IOI) 23 Jun 2020 IJMP received an email from IOI on an alleged deforestation case involving a FFB supplier Aspirasi Kristal Sdn. Bhd. ("AK") in Sugut, Sabah.
24 Jun 2020 IJMP wrote a letter to AK (Ref No: lJMP-Def-01-2020/001) to seek clarification.
II. PGEO Marketing Sdn Bhd (Wilmar) 24 Jun-5 Jul 2020 Engagements between IJMP and AK. Relevant documents were studied including Agro-forestry Development Plan, HCV report and EIA report.
6 Jul 2020 IJMP held a physical meeting with AK's representatives at Wisma IJM Plantations in Sandakan to discuss the way forward.
6 Jul 2020 IJMP emailed AK the highlights from the meeting and requested AK to stop clearing activities.
III. Mighty Earth ("ME") 10 Jul-3 Aug 2020 IJMP received email request from NGO ME to confirm AK is one of FFB supplier to IJMP palm oil mill. Replies to ME which include the updates of the investigation. Further email correspondences with ME in response to the information requested, including the NDPE commitment and investigation updates on AK.
13 Jul 2020 IJMP received an email from Wilmar seeking confirmation if AK was supplying crop to IJMP palm oil mill. IJMP confirmed that AK was one of the Group's third-party crop suppliers. IJMP will provide details upon completion of investigation.
20 Jul 2020 IJMP received a reply letter from AK (Ref No: AK/IJMP/2020-01) where AK agreed to cease all clearing activities until investigation was completed.
23 Jul 2020 Findings of the investigation on AK were reported to IOI.
6 Aug 2020 ME released Rapid Response Palm Oil Report 30, among others alleging deforestation by Satria Eramaju ("SE")
10 Aug 2020 IJMP wrote to AK (Ref No: lJMP-Def-01-2020/002) with recommendations which include rehabilitation works and to conduct HCV-HCS assessment by accredited assessors.
10 Aug 2020 IJMP also wrote a letter to SE (Ref No: IJMP-Def-01-2020/003) reminding SE of the NDPE commitment.
12 Aug 2020 Findings of the investigation on AK were reported to Wilmar.
13 Aug 2020 IJMP received a reply letter from AK (Ref No : AK/IJMP/2020-02) agreeing to the recommendations.
13 Aug 2020 IJMP informed IOI of AK's acceptance of the recommendations.
13 Aug 2020 IJMP received a reply letter from SE (Ref No: SE/IJMP/2020/01) acknowledging the NDPE commitment adopted by IJMP and assured that assessments will be conducted prior to any land clearance.
8 Sept 2020 IJMP received a report of suspected clearing activities in the AK concession areas after 30 July 2020. AK had earlier agreed to stop clearing activities. IJMP immediately engaged with AK seeking clarification on the matter.
9 Sept 2020 In response, AK claimed that the areas were cleared in 2019 and the recent activities involved construction of terraces and road development on the cleared areas. AK also informed that no new clearing activities were done since 30 July 2020. IJMP decided to suspend the FFB supply from AK until they are able to provide evidence to support their claim.